Populating WinForms Controls at Runtime with C#

The Windows Forms API (WinForms) provides controls which enable C# developers to build powerful and intuitive user interfaces for their Windows applications.

However, developers new to building WinForms applications can discover that programatically populating presentation controls at runtime, like the ListView, ComboBox and TreeView, can be anything but intuitive.

Help is here. Navigate the Topics above to find ready-made C# classes, walkthroughs and code snippets to populate these useful WinForms components.

A Simple ListView

ListView screenshot

A Simple ComboBox

ComboBox screenshot

For consistency, the example C# classes and methods on this website are all designed to work with the .NET DataTable, found in the System.Data namespace. As such, walkthroughs and code snippets to populate this data source are also provided. See the topics, above.

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//Useful C# code!

This website focuses on developer productivity: The author mentors developers who have built their skills in the line-of-business, often with wizard-reliant tools like Access or with VBA/Excel. These developers can suffer a disproportionate drop in productivity and happiness when trying to emulate their UI requirements in C# WinForms applications. The aim of this website is to remedy that.

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