Populating WinForms Controls at Runtime with C#

About SharplyCoded

The resources on this site are intended to ease the integration of useful UI components into WinForms projects in useful ways. In particular, this website is intended to assist developers new to C# or Windows Forms applications replace design-time population of presentation controls with data population at runtime.

DataTables from the ADO.NET architecture/System.Data namespace are used here for runtime data population to facilitate a consistent and scalable approach.

The topics here are highly specific, which should keep the content focussed and uncluttered.

I used TextWrangler, a free, Mac application to write the markup for this site.

SharpDevelop, an open-source IDE, was used to create and test the C# code.

FileZilla, an open-source FTP application, was used to get it out there.

About the Author

I'm Chris. I've designed and built business applications using C# since 2006. I like coding in C#. I think it's an elegant, high-level language.

My intention is that the topics here prove a useful resource for colleagues. However, please feel free to integrate the code on this website with your own project. The writing is subject to copyright.

Thank you for visiting!

The volume of visitors to this site seems to be outnumbering my intended audience of colleagues. Any feedback, questions or corrections are welcome and can be can be submitted on the home page here.